Korres: Greece’s Pioneering Alchemy of Nature & Beauty
Founded in the historic heart of Athens in 1996 by the visionary pharmacist, Georgios Korres of Naxos, Κorres has unfurled a new chapter in the realm of beauty and fragrances. Drawing inspiration from Greece’s rich tapestry of nature and ancient apothecary wisdom, Korres meticulously crafts its products by harmonizing fine ingredients with modern aesthetics.

Mediterranean Muse: Each fragrance, ensnared within the minimal and pristine glass bottles, speaks of a Mediterranean journey – encapsulating the ethereal Greek light, the gentle play of shadows, and the whispered tales of the Aegean shores.

Conscious Craftsmanship: Korres stands as a beacon of conscious luxury. With a foundation firmly rooted in nature, the brand embraces the potency of natural ingredients, sometimes touched by the gentle hand of homeopathy. Free from phthalates and nitro-must compounds, Korres products are a testament to purity and sophistication.

Modern & Timeless: While the brand is drenched in classic Mediterranean inspirations, its spirit is undeniably contemporary. Reflecting a balance, where complexity meets simplicity, and the ancient marries the modern.

Transparent Elegance: The transparency of Korres’ premium glass bottles is not just physical but philosophical. It’s a commitment to honesty, revealing the essence of the product, untouched and pure.

Embark on an olfactory odyssey with Korres, exclusively at Fragrance Kw, where Greece’s age-old beauty secrets meet contemporary elegance. Discover a realm where every scent is a narrative, every bottle a piece of art, and every note a memory waiting to be unveiled.

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